Swami Bhakti-Abhay Ashrama Maharaja

I met Krishna’s devotees in Hawaii in May 1969, while I was in the Navy. A few months later I moved into the Honolulu Hare Krishna center. I lived in Hawaii as a student monk for three years, after which I was married for forty years. During that time I worked as a paralegal, taught at schools for devotees’ children, taught English at colleges and universities in California, Hawaii, and Florida, and edited books and other kinds of publications, all while maintaining my spiritual practices and service to my beloved spiritual master, His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, along with my wife and daughters.

I’ve known Swami Tripurari since 1973 and have been associating with him since 1999. By his influence and guidance, I entered monastic life as a sannyasi in August 2012. Over the last ten years I have served at Swami Tripurari’s projects here, in Costa Rica, and in California, and at the Bhaktivan community in Kansas.

From my current base a few miles from Saragrahi, I spend my time chanting, studying, writing, and speaking on the wisdom of bhakti yoga, mostly here in western North Carolina and the Triangle cities of Hillsborough and Raleigh, although I’m happy to go wherever I’m invited. I have found the company of the dedicated devotees here inspiring and spiritually nourishing, and I think the vision Swami Tripurari and the devotees have for Saragrahi is worthy of our attention and energy. So while I’m here I will help them realize that vision in whatever small ways I can.