Madan Gopal

Madan Gopal is currently working in mental health and substance abuse services as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). He and his wife Gaurangi-priya live in Hillsborough, NC with their three children. Madan currently serves on the board of Saragrahi as Vice-President.

Madan is enthused by the restful and spiritually nourishing environment Saragrahi creates. It is a place where one can leave the anxieties of daily life behind. A stroll on the winding paths, a hike through the beautiful varying terrain, some bonding time with the cows or volunteering some work/service to the project; all these aspects of the environment of Saragrahi ground one and offer a protective shield from the chaos of the world.

In addition to frequent weekend retreats, Madan and family have a piece of land at Saragrahi with a long term plan for a second home there.