Kanurama dasa

My name is Kanu Rama das.  I am one of many servants of Lord Caitanya and the disciple of BV Tripurari Swami. I was blessed with first and second initiation by Guru Maharaja during the Govardhana Puja festival in the fall of 2013.  I had been attending Guru Maharaja’s lectures since he started visiting NC in 2004. I was drawn to Tripurari Swami from the first time that I heard him speak. I immediately recognized his profound enthusiasm for Krishna Bhakti.  In that light I saw my lack of qualification and at the same time felt encouraged by such provocative sangha.

I moved to Ananda Ashrama in April of 2015.  Prior to that I lived in the Hillsborough community and prior to that I joined the devotees in Prabhupada Village.  I also had a rocky five year stint in household life. I help with some of the agrarian endeavors in Saragrahi.  I try to help maintain and improve the pastures for the cows.  I also work in the garden growing vegetables for the ashrama. I enjoy seeing the neatly cultivated garden with a variety of things growing and the weeds very tidily destroyed (a mix of the modes of passion-growth and expansion, and ignorance-destruction of the weeds).  I also train the oxen here at Saragrahi.  I hope that we can do all of the tillage in the garden with ox power this year.  I also work as a paramedic in town, so I spend time riding on the ambulance and assisting people with their injuries and illnesses.

I am originally from the mountains of Western North Carolina, so I’m very pleased to have a Sri Caitanya Sangha center so close to my home town.  I hope that the Saragrahi community will grow and develop into a positive spiritual influence on the WNC region.  There are many broad-minded and thoughtful people in the region and our group can serve their spiritual appetite if we make friends with them. We need them and they need us.

My favorite parts of Saragrahi.  There is an old growth size ash tree on the left if you follow the trail thru the magic valley and cross the creek for the second time.  On that same trail, there is a place where the creek flows under the ground and there is a window of sorts, where you can look into the earth and see the creek running there.  I also enjoy all of Bhakti Rasa’s cooking, and the variety classes given here.  I enjoy discussing the philosophy of Krishna’s teachings with all of Saragrahi’s residents and visitors.

My other favorites are The Boys are Back in Town by Thin Lizzy, The Beach Boys Pet Sounds, Von Smith’s live performance of Beyonce’s Halo, and all of the incarnations of Float On by Modest Mouse.  I’m also pursuing the comedy styling of Mayapur Das, Ashram Maharaja, and Krishna Caitanya das.