Haridas dasa

I became attracted to Swami B.V. Tripurari after meeting some of his dedicated followers. Their mood was very compelling. With all their wonderful qualities—broadmindedness, compassion, intelligence, thoughtfulness, empathy, honesty, and so much more—I quickly became attached to them. And if they were such beacons of light in my life, who...


Bhakti-lata dasi

My name is Bhaktilata and was initiated by Swami Tripurari, April, 2014. I relocated to Saragrahi April, 2015. I am a householder that lives a few miles away from the Ashram. I enjoy working in the garden and growing food for Gaura Radha Madhava. I also enjoy time with the...



My husband, Karnamrta dasa, and I moved to Saragrahi’s local community in the fall of 2017 in order to be close to our spiritual family and to have more personal association with our siksa guru, Tripurari Swami. My occupational training includes mental health therapy and family and marriage counseling. Our...

Karnamrita das

Karnamrita das

Aradhana dasi

Swami Bhakti-Abhay Ashrama Maharaja

I met Krishna’s devotees in Hawaii in May 1969, while I was in the Navy. A few months later I moved into the Honolulu Hare Krishna center. I lived in Hawaii as a student monk for three years, after which I was married for forty years. During that time I...