Sponsor Port-a-john Spring 2019


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Sponsor a port-a-john for a month

This is not the most glamorous offering, but it is extremely important. Without these facilities, the septic at Ananda Ashram will back up and then we will have to call the septic guy and have it pumped out for $200. One year he had to come out twice in one weekend – ugh!

The year after that we rented a port-a-john from a party place and that was about $75/day. The year after that, we discovered construction site port-a-johns which might come with a little more graffiti than the party ones, but what’s a few cave men drawings 😉 These are $70 for the entire month so they ease the load on the ashrama’s system for the whole month of guests that come to visit while Swami Tripurari Guru Maharaja is here.