Sponsor Arati – Spring 2019


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At the sweet center of Vaishnava exchanges is free and unencumbered giving. If done whole-heartedly, the exchange is like an embrace where one cannot distinguish between the giver and receiver, for both give and both receive.

We would like to offer this festival to the Vaishnava community as a fully sponsored festival. We found that this method, rather than charging a festival fee, enhanced the sweetness of exchanges for everyone involved, even for those who sponsored an event and did not even attend it. If you would like to help make this event the sweetest ever, please consider sponsoring one or a portion of one of the following opportunities.

Sponsor a mangal arati or mid-day Raj Bhoga arati.

Swami Tripurari says this about mangala arati:

For the sadhaka mangala arati represents awakening to the auspicious ending of the darkness of ignorance acquired over many births. It corresponds with the nisanta lila of Radha Govinda, the end (anta) of sleep (nisa). We have been sleeping for many births, and we are called by our Guru to awaken from this slumber and serve Radha Govinda as they themselves awaken from sleep in their eternal lila. Visvantha Cakravarti Thakura says that singing in praise of Sri Guru during the brahma muhurta, which occurs at this time, assures that one will attain Vrindavana.