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Stone Soup and the Power of We

Have you ever had stone soup? The recipe didn't first appear in cookbooks, but rather as an old folk story. The tale is told of two travelers walking through the countryside. Tired and tattered they came upon a village, knocked on the doors and asked if the residents had any food to spare. At each door they were told the same thing - "There is no food here." These two men, feeling sorry that the villagers had no food, announced that they would make a wonderful soup for everyone to eat. All they needed was a pot. Someone brought it. To it, they added a regular rock and poured in some water. "The soup would be so much better if it had a carrot." A child brought one. Then someone else a pepper. A potato from another. Herbs from yet another. Soon everyone gathered and brought something to  contribute to the pot. After a while they all enjoyed a nutritious meal together.


This is the Power of We.


Let's come together and create something wonderful.

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What is the Tithing Mala ?

This tithing mala represents our financial obligation for the land upon which Saragrahi is being developed. Each of the 108 beads is a monthly $50 donation. The brown beads are occupied, the white beads are available. When all of the beads are brown, 100% of our monthly land obligation will be met.

Secure Future

100% of this monthly tithing goes to paying for the land and, therefore, assures that Saragrahi will be here for you now and in the future, whether for spiritualizing festivals and retreats, or for when you are able to take full advantage of living in a vibrant Vaishnava community.

Customizable Participation

Some foundational core members have purchased 10 beads, some 6, some 4, 3, 2, 1 and even 1/2 of a bead with plans of increasing. You make the opportunity right for you.

Foundational Support Tithing Mala

Seva Connection

Every month without fail,  our foundational core members open their hearts in the spiritual practice of giving. Although not mentioned as one of the nine processes of devotional practice,  giving underlies and quietly supports our entire awakening to bhakti from initiation to reciprocation to the culmination of pure unmotivated selfless love. As Swami Tripurari explains, sacrifice is the womb from which prema is born. Being a part of the tithing mala is an opportunity for everyone to benefit from the beauty of giving.

United We Strand 🙂


To become a foundational core member, simply select the number of beads you would like to fill, and click the bright blue button below.


Please note that this is for the foundational core and your donation will be designated for land obligations only. If you would like to make a one-time donation or donate for another cause, please click here.

Foundational Core

  • Goal 60% 60%
  • Increase before Launch 17% 17%

Enthusiastic Response

Just by telling a few people about the goal of our Tithing Mala, before we even made the opportunity public, there was a 17% increase in generosity, bringing us close to 60% of our goal.

Our Foundational Core

Foundational Core