Nama-stay Conscious Campground is located in Mahavan, the great forest, of Saragrahi. The campground provides facility to guests visiting during our annual festivals, as well as campers from April thru end of October.  The plan consists of 10 campsites, a bath house, kitchen pavilion, and amphitheater. A walking path alongside a meandering creek will connect the camp grounds with the goshala, future temple and yoga retreat center. High quality yurts will be built on the sites.  See more images of the campground development .

Thanks to the kind and generous donations of two community members, Swami Tripurari during his 2018 spring visit was able to bring more detail and actualization of the master plan to one corner of the property, that containing the campground and goshala. Bringing this area into completion will serve both the local and extended community, as well as a model of things to come.

Appreciative of the aesthetics derived from Japanese gardens and architecture, Swami has commissioned skilled craftsmen to develop both hardscapes and landscapes to bring that experience to our enchanting forest.

During this 3rd phase, we will be completing four of the ten campsites, installing 3 hand-crafted foot bridges,  as well as sparkling river-rocked pathways which meander throughout the campground, taking you from your campsite to the public areas which (in later phases) will contain the amphitheater, park, cooking pavilion, hot tubs and bath house which is already completed.

The campsites will be developed into outdoor “rooms”. First you will pass through a Japanese-styled gate, crossing over into your private sanctuary. Once “inside” your outside garden room, thick with hardwood bark mulch, you will be pleased to see a small stone patio surrounding a raised stone fire pit and a bench to sit upon as you sink into your sacred space. A table and seats provide you a place to nourish your body. Smelling the fragrance of the earth under an open sky, feeling the warmth of the fire gently glowing,  listening to the nearby rippling stream which visits each site like an old yet dynamic friend, you will be supported by beauty as you bath in the forest of Mahavan.

In the fall, landscaping will begin in order to create an aesthetic experience supportive of your spiritual journey. We have also commissioned a woodworker to custom build benches for the amphitheater area.

Below are the Phases of Development.


Phase I  – elementary layout of campground including campsites, pathways and temporary bridges. Rudimentary clearing to make the campground usable
Phase II – Construct Bath House, Electric and Water to Campsites – Photo Gallery

Phase IIIa: Permanent Pathways, Campsites #1-4  Outfitted, Permanent bridges


In Progress

Phase IIIb:  Campsites #1-4  Landscaped
entrance gate



Phase IV Campsites #5-7 Outfitted and Landscaped
Phase V Path to Barnashram

Phase VI Amphitheater and Park
Seating area
Benches (currently commissioned)
Fire places – strategically placed and built to minimize smoke yet provide heat and light
Phase VII Kitchen Pavillion
Phase VIII Hot Tubs and Bridge
Phase IX Sites #8-10 Outfitted and Landscaped Campsites
Phase X Replace Tent Spots with Yurts


The sites currently include:

• mulched place to pitch your tent
• fire ring
• picnic table
• electric at site
• access to filtered water
• bath house – flushing toilets, hot water, beautiful stone tile
• all sites are creekside