The Bath House located at Namastay Campground

July 2015, the septic tanks were installed; March 2016, the water and electric lines were installed; November 2016 construction began; September 2017, construction was completed.

Many hurdles were crossed getting this building completed, but the end result made it all worth it. We can accommodate quite a few people with 3 separate showers, 3 separate toilets and sinks, and 1 handicapped bathroom with wheel chair accessible shower, sink and toilet.

Layout designed by Citta-hari and Bhakti-rasa. Architectural plans by Citta Hari, who also designed and built the ramp, railings, and milled the deck floor boards with the help of Ananda-nama. Framing by pretty much everyone. Special thanks to Mr Kapinos, Kishore Krishna’s Dad, for coming to do the electric. From completed framing to completion of building, credit goes to Fernando Martinez Balleza who lives in Hendersonville, NC.