We had a wonderful 3 day festival at Saragrahi. We attended workshops to improve our spiritual practices, engaged in sravanam, kirtanam and cookin’em. Our far-away family camped in the newly improved Nama-stay Campground,  Nourishment was both given and had by all.

The association at Saragrahi is so rare, so exceptional, so fulfilling, so real, so fun, so nourishing, so sweet, so loving, so encouraging, so supportive, so friendly, so kind. We are truly truly blessed!”

“It’s very difficult to put into words what a wonderful Janmastami festival weekend I had in Saragrahi. It was deeply spiritually nourishing, inspiring and rejuvenating. It was such a family feeling with everyone pitching in to make it a successful festival.”

“My favorite Janmastami ever!!”

“Definitely by far one of my favorite Janmastami celebrations ever. The way the lectures naturally built upon one another and reinforced the simplicity, power, and sweetness of sadhu sangha, the kirtans, the prasadam, and time with dear friends (though far too short) are some of the highlights for me.”

“Thanks to all the devotees who made it happen and to all who attended. I found the association, the classes, the kirtans, and the prasadam very spiritually nourishing.”

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