Vyasa Puja

Event details

  • Saturday | March 26, 2016
  • All Day
  • Ananda Ashram 594 Joy Lane Mill Spring, NC 28756
  • 828-625-0396

With boundless gratitude and appreciation we will be honoring our beloved teacher, Swami BV Tripurari, a representative and transmitter of the active current of Gaudiya Vaishnavism. Vyasa-puja is a day when we recognize and celebrate our guru’s life being grounded in the context of disciplic succession, of his place in the family of Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura. The guru’s qualification is not based upon his or her scholarship and erudition, as if titled by degree or popular vote. Rather he is a soul surrendered unto his guru so perfectly, so completely, so absolutely that he is fully absorbed by the teachings of our lineage to the point that he goes beyond the pages, beyond the content, and enters into the mysteries of spiritual life to such an extent that the bhagavat becomes alive within him. He is transformed by grace. In so being transformed he becomes the active agent for other’s transformation. From the land beyond dualities, he invites us to come and join the play of divine love. His touch in our lives is the greatest gift that could be given for it develops within us our highest potential. And this gift the guru gives for free. It has to be free because it is so rare, so unattainable that there is no way to purchase it. If we were to give him all of our gold and savings, our home and possessions, our time and work, our mind and words, we would still fall short in comparison to the value of what we receive from the guru. We should give anyway in full knowledge that nothing, no thing, can compare with the transcendental gift that the guru offers so freely, so generously, so lovingly. Today we humbly bow before our beloved gurudeva, with the awe and reverence his own surrender and loving service to his gurus inspires.

Please join us in the celebration of the heart.

6:00 AM Mangala Arati
7:00 AM Japa Meditation
8:00 AM Feast preparation begins
11:45 AM Puspanjali and Guru Puja
12 Noon Arati
12:30 PM Feast
1:00 PM Tune into Live Broadcast of Swami Tripurari in CA
6:30 PM Sundara Arati