Baladeva Purnima

Event details

  • Thursday | August 18, 2016
  • 12:00 pm
  • Ananda Ashram 594 Joy Lane Mill Spring, NC 28756
  • 828-625-0396

Join us for the Avirbhava Mahotsava, Appearance Festival of Sri Balarama.

The Vrindavana Goswamis describe Krishna’s expansions as waves of emotional ecstasy emanating from the Absolute. Sri Balarama is the first such wave of ecstasy from Sri Krishna, friendly love, and manifests the vaishnava-dhama within which lila is carried out. Coming before Krishna, he prepares the ground for Krishna’s appearance.

Baladeva is the reservoir of guru-tattva, the strength and heaviness of the guru, the anchor in the storm for the sadhaka. He is known as Sankarsana because he can attract all things and has the power to draw together the Vaishnavas into a sangha.

We will honor Balarama with a new outfit, noon arati and kirtan followed by a feast.