Build a Bench for the Nama-stay Ampitheater

Literally SUPPORT Vaishnavas and guests for years to come. Donate for a bench or two to be located in the amphitheater area of Nama-stay Campground.
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In order to save $1500, we had to purchase all of the oak wood for the 20 custom-built ampitheater benches along with the wood for 3 foot bridges. Now we have the wood for the benches but we are short the funding for the labor (a rather important part of the process :)) to build them. The labor for each bench is $150, an unheard of price for custom-built furniture.

If you would like to literally SUPPORT vaishnavas and guests for years to come, please consider donating for a bench or two.

The photo isn’t of the exact bench, but this is the image given to the craftsman. So the benches will be like this and will seat 3 people. The pavillion in the image is what we will base the development of the future stage upon.