Haridas dasa

I became attracted to Swami B.V. Tripurari after meeting some of his dedicated followers. Their mood was very compelling. With all their wonderful qualities—broadmindedness, compassion, intelligence, thoughtfulness, empathy, honesty, and so much more—I quickly became attached to them. And if they were such beacons of light in my life, who was that person who was a beacon of light in theirs? With that question in mind, I began listening to his recorded talks.

After a year of hearing from him, a strong thought came to me: “I must accept him as my teacher. He’s the one for me.” He graciously accepted me as his student in May 2014. He certainly is a marvel—one who is anchored in the spiritual teachings, unable to be swayed by the strong winds of doubt and distraction. Certainly, his deep acquaintance with the sacred texts makes him an able guide for those trying to make spiritual progress.

Swami Tripurari has been kind to allow me to stay in his projects. My being currently at Saragrahi, I’m also indebted to Bhakti Rasa, Dulal Candra, and all the other residents, who all have been very generous in letting me stay here. I’m amazed and humbled by all their efforts to manifest Swami’s vision. They work hard to see this vision to fruition. As for me, I’m currently taking online classes, among some other services I do, such as cooking lunch.