Citta-hari dasa

I joined Swami Tripurari, my Guru Maharaja, in Eugene, OR in 1996 and then moved to California with him to help him create Audarya where my main seva was construction and maintenance of the facility itself. I lived at Audarya until I moved to Saragrahi in 2012 to help my Guru Maharaja manifest his vision for a project that will facilitate his students in North Carolina.My services there were taking care of the cows and running our mini-dairy as well as forestry and daily puja for Giriraja.

In early 2018 I felt a need for a change of pace from the pioneering lifestyle and so took a job in Raleigh, NC and joined Saragrahi East. I give monthly lectures at the home of Subal and Mahamantra (who also happen to be my next door neighbors!) and attend our other monthly gathering in Hillsborough when Asrama Maharaja speaks. Living in this situation is showing me the power of bhakti in that I can seek the essence of it even in the midst of a busy day at work through smaranam.