Yogamaya dasi

Yogamaya first met Swami Tripurari in the mid-1980’s and became one of his earliest disciples, living at their ashram in San Francisco and later Hawaii. After marrying her husband, Hamsavatar das, they lived for some years in England teaching Vedic sciences in England, Wales and Scotland before moving back to the US to open Pecos Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat center in the Sandia Mountains near Santa Fe, New Mexico.

A certified yoga instructor with British Wheel of Yoga in England, where she is from, Yogamaya also holds the highest US certification, E-RYT 500, and will resume yoga teacher training programs in the near future.
Yogamaya has worked with horses throughout her life, and will be instituting a state certified Equine-assisted therapy program on their new property near Saragrahi. A pioneer in the field of Equine Yoga, she will be teaching workshops for the public, as well as training yoga teachers in this discipline.

With her background and certification in intuitive massage, reflexology, Ayurveda, gem therapy and nutrition Yogamaya brings her knowledge and multifarious skills as a healer to Saragrahi’s residents and visitors alike. She has created a correspondence course in Ayurvedic gem therapy along with her husband, and has penned many articles on health and nutrition for US and European publications, as well as internet based ones.

Along with her husband, Hamsavatar das, 14 horses, 2 dogs, and flock of water fowl, Yogamaya is committed to fully developing these programs with a view to their being a mainstay for Saragrahi community, and our service to all who enter its gates.