Citta-hari dasa

I joined Swami Tripurari, my Guru Maharaja, in Eugene, OR in 1996 and then moved to California with him to help him create Audarya where my main seva was construction and maintenance of the facility itself. I lived at Audarya until I moved to Saragrahi about four years ago to help my Guru Maharaja manifest his vision for a project that will facilitate his householder students in addition to monastics.

My primary service is taking care of the cows and running our mini-dairy. The scale of the project here is such that I’m no longer a principal builder and so my focus has shifted more to go-seva (taking care of the cows), daily worshiping Giriraja (one of my day’s highlights!).

Living here has taken my spiritual life to another level as I have taken on responsible services which require commitment and dedication as well as fulfilling a long-held desire of mine to worship Radha-Krsna Deities daily. I look forward to seeing this project develop in the coming years and decades into the spiritually vital and socially supportive environment my Guru Maharaja has in mind for it, as well as its role in providing a base for ongoing outreach to the greater area.